Innovative Lives

Lasers and Electromobiles

Lasers and Electromobiles
Hal Walker On June 1, 1995, Hal Walker kicked off the Lemelson Center's "Innovative Lives" series. Walker, a former aerospace engineer, owns Tech Plus, a Los Angeles firm specializing in laser systems and electro-optics. He is also a co-founder of A-MAN, Inc. (African-American Male Achievers Network). Walker shared his ideas on innovation as a career and explained his research on lasers and his developmental work with electric automobiles, a technology he calls "the wave of the 21st century."

Afterwards, Walker, National Institute of Standards and Technology chemist John Travis, and the staff of the National Museum of American History's Hands On Science Center illustrated the properties and applications of laser light. Students participated in these demonstrations of how lasers are used to make music in a CD player, measure the distance to the moon, carry voices over telephone cables, and help doctors heal the sick.

To learn more about Hal Walker's life and work, read Michael Welzenbach's interview.

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