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The Division of Medicine and Science at the Smithsonian's National Museum of American History acquires, preserves, studies, and interprets the material culture of the biological, medical, and physical sciences.

Explore bioethics with a teen at the University of Pennsylvania’s High School Bioethics Project at http://www.bioethics.upenn.edu/highschool/ (Some parts require free registration.

Get the latest information on how to keep your heart healthy from the American Heart Association at http://www.americanheart.org/

The online version of the PBS series Nova has a lot of useful resources to accompany its episodes: “Cut to the Heart” at http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/heart/ and “Electric Heart” at http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/nova/eheart/

The famous walkthrough heart at the Franklin Institute can be enjoyed from afar through its virtual exhibition The Heart: An Online Exploration at http://sln.fi.edu/biosci/biosci.html

Information about recent advances in artificial heart surgery can be found at The Implantable Artificial Heart Project in Louisville, Kentucky: http://www.heartpioneers.com/index.html

Enjoy an interesting array of virtual exhibitions on the history of medicine at the National Museum of Health and Medicine: http://nmhm.washingtondc.museum/



These books are suitable for students in grades 7 and up:

Bankston, John, Robert Jarvik and the First Artificial Heart, Mitchell Lane Publishers, 2002.

Berger, Melvin, and Anne Green, The Artificial Heart, Scholastic Library Publishing, 1987.

Egendorf, Laura K., ed., Medical Ethics: Current Controversies, Thomson Gale, 2005.

Finn, Jeffrey, Eliot Marshall, and Dale Garrell, eds., Medical Ethics, Chelsea House Publications, 1990.

Giddens Sandra, and Owen Giddens, Future Techniques in Surgery, Rosen Publishing Group, 2002.

Judson, Karen, Medical Ethics: Life and Death Issues, Enslow Publishers, 2001

McClellan, Marilyn, Organ and Tissue Transplants: Medical Miracles and Challenges, Enslow Publishers, 2003

Metos, Thomas H., Artificial Humans: Transplants and Bionics, Julian Messner Publications, 1985

Roleff, Tamara L., ed., Biomedical Ethics: Opposing Viewpoints, Thomson Gale, 1998

Torr, James D., ed., Organ Transplants, Thomson Gale, 2002

Winters, Adam, Organ Transplant: The Debate over Who, How, and Why, Rosen Publishing Group, 2000

These books are more academic and appropriate for advanced teens and adults:

Fox, Renée C., The Courage to Fail: A Social View of Organ Transplants and Dialysis, 2d ed., rev., University of Chicago Press, 1978..

Fox, Renée C., and Judith P. Swazey, Spare Parts: Organ Replacement in American Society, Oxford University Press, 1992.

Fye, W. Bruce, American Cardiology: The History of a Specialty and Its College, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1996.

Johnson Stephen L., The History of Cardiac Surgery, 1896–1955, Johns Hopkins University Press, 1970.

Klaidman, Stephen, Saving the Heart: The Battle to Conquer Coronary Disease, Oxford University Press, 2000.

Judson, Karen, Medical Ethics: Life and Death Issues, Enslow Publishers, 2001

Levy, Daniel, and Susan Brink, A Change of Heart: How the People of Framingham, Massachusetts, Helped Unravel the Mysteries of Cardiovascular Disease, Knopf Publishing Group, 2005

Plough, Alonzo L., Borrowed Time: Artificial Organs and the Politics of Extending Lives, Temple University Press, 1986

Weisse, Allen B., Heart to Heart: The Twentieth Century Battle against Cardiac Disease: An Oral History, Rutgers University Press,2002


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