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Spark Lab logoThe Smithsonian's National Museum of American History
is open!
Bring the family to Spark!Lab

The National Museum of American History reopened on 21 November 2008 after an extensive two-year renovation. Come see what's new, including Spark!Lab, the Lemelson Center's new hands on center.

Everybody can envision the “Eureka!” moment of invention, where the idea suddenly strikes and—BOOM—there’s a new product ready to change the world. Spark!Lab, the newest hands on space for families and others visiting the National Museum of American History hopes to show the real story behind an inventor’s work.

Children experimenting at a lab benchInvention is a process, from creative ideas all the way to successful marketing, and the Lemelson Center’s Spark!Lab aims to use fun activities to help kids and families learn about the history and process of invention. You can play games, conduct science experiments, explore inventors’ notebooks, and even invent! Spark!Lab will also feature a regular series of speakers, including contemporary inventors, to let you know just how they got the “invention bug” and put their creativity to use.

Spark!Lab is located on the first floor of the Museum's west wing.

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In addition to Spark!Lab, the Lemelson Center will also open it interactive exhibition for families, Invention at Play, in the new Lemelson Hall of Invention.

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Visit the Museum's website for more information on the renovation.


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