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A wind turbine is a machine that captures the force of the wind to produce electricity.

Materials you will need to make a wind turbine:

  1. Print out the square pattern.
  2. Color or decorate the square.
  3. Cut out the square.
  4. Cut along the four dashed diagonal lines just to the edge of the circle in the middle. Be careful NOT to cut all the way to the center.
  5. Fold the four corners with the black dots on them into the center. The dots should line up with the center of the middle circle.
  6. With the help of an adult, push a thumbtack through all the holes to hold them together.
  7. Push the thumbtack into the pencil eraser.
  8. Pretend you’re the wind, blowing on a wind turbine. When the blades go round, the turbine makes electricity.