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Conferences and symposia

The Lemelson Center's conferences and symposia provide forums for issues related to invention and innovation.

New Perspectives
on Invention and Innovation

Past symposia and conferences. . .


Inventing the Surveillance Society (2013)

Political Machines: Innovations in Campaigns and Elections (2012)

Moving Beyond Earth: Innovations in Space (2011)

Food for Tomorrow (2010)

Hot Spots of Invention: People, Places, and Spaces (2009)

Inventing America: The Legacy of Benjamin Franklin, 1706-2006 (2006)

Sustainable Shelter: Exploring Socially-Responsible Innovations in Architecture (2005-2006)

Cultures of Innovation (2005)

Inventing Ourselves (2003-2004)

Spirit of Innovation: Celebrating 100 Years of the Nobel Prize (2001-2002)

Invention at Play (1999-2000)

Inventing for the Environment (1998)

The Colors of Invention (1997)

Electrified, Amplified, and Deified: The Electric Guitar, Its Makers, and Its Players (1996)

Architecture and Innovation (1996)

Fostering Innovation: Science, Technology, and Government (1996)

The Inventor and the Innovative Society (1995)


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