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Jerome Lemelson earned more than 500 patents for all kinds of inventions in communications and medical technologies, robotics and machine vision, and other high-tech stuff.

But about one-eighth of his patents describe toys -- inflatable toys, jumping toys, toys with propellers, toys that run on tracks, target games, dolls, and more.

We've created a screensaver inspired by three of Lemelson's patents for toys and the artwork of inventor David Gittens. This colorful and engaging screensaver contains animations of the three toys and cycles through the set, changing to a different toy every two minutes.

The propeller on the toy cap rotates. Lemelson designed the cap so that the propeller could be interchanged with things like a whistle or a rotating ball, all operated by blowing through a tube, so they would work just as well indoors as outside. This was the first patent awarded to Lemelson!

The dog jumps and barks. Lemelson's toy dog would squeak when air escaped from the cocked bellows inside it.

The space age car zooms across the screen. Lemelson's propeller driven car was powered by a twisted rubber band and would race across the floor.

Download the screensaver to your computer--and have some fun playing with Jerry's toys!

PC system requirements:
• Windows95, 98, ME, XP
• 166 MHz Pentium
• 16MB RAM
• 16bit video card
Mac system requirements:
• PowerPC required
• Mac OS 7.6 - 9.2
• 16MB RAM

Mac download instructions:

1. Click the link above for either the screensaver with or without sound.
2. Depending on the browser you're using, the file will either automatically start downloading or you will be asked where you want to save the .sit file. Save it to your desktop.
3. If the extracting process does not begin automatically, simply double click on the file, either titled "lemelson_sound.scr.sit" or "lemelson_nosound.scr.sit". Doing so will extract the screensaver file "lemelson_sound.scr" or "lemelson_nosound.scr" respectively.
4. Drag the screensaver file into your System Folder. An alert box will pop up asking if you would like to place the screensaver file into your Control Panels Folder. Click "OK". The screensaver is now installed on your computer. Simply restart your Mac to activate the screensaver.
5. You can change the screensaver preferences by selecting the installed screensaver in the Control Panels Folder.


PC download instructions:

1. Click the link above for either the screensaver with or without sound.
2. You will be asked where you want to save the file. Save the file to your desktop.
3. A .zip file will appear on your desktop. Unzipping "" will extract the executable called "lem_noi.exe", while unzipping "" will extract the executable called "lem_soi.exe."
4. Double click the executable to install the screensaver. Your screensaver is now installed.
5. You can throw away the .exe and .zip files on your desktop, they are no longer required to run the screensaver.
6. To change the properties of the screensaver, right click on the desktop. Select properties. Select the screensaver tab. Select either "lem_soi" or "lem_noi" from the drop down menu. Change any properties and click "OK.

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