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Media may use images from the Lemelson Center Image Bank free of charge. These images are high-resolution, publication-quality, Photoshop .jpg files.

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Captions and credit information are included with each image file, within "File Info" under the "File" menu.

Usage Notice: Use of these images is restricted to coverage of the Lemelson Center. The images may be used in print, broadcast, and online media. Use for commercial or merchandising purposes is expressly forbidden. All photos must carry credit line “Courtesy of Lemelson Center, Smithsonian Institution.”

To use an image, complete the Image Usage Survey and follow the download directions above.

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Logo for Invention at Play

Lemelson Center
File size: 1256k
Entrance to Invention at Play exhibit

Smithsonian photo by Richard Strauss
File size: 2715k
Al Nappo and his son, Max, 3, practice their canoeing off Kevlar Island in Invention at Play.

Smithsonian photo by Richard Strauss
File size: 6189k
Al Nappo and his son, Max, age 3, experiment and explore with Whirligigs in the Invention Playhouse.

Smithsonian photo by Richard Strauss
File size: 1622k
Mechanical sculpture artist Arthur Ganson's "27 Scraps of Paper" sets the tone for Invention at Play.

Smithsonian photo by Richard Strauss
File size: 2833k
Inventor James McLurkin designed and built twelve "ant" robots, each powered by a tiny internal computer. McLurkin combines ideas from engineering with biology.

Photo by Donna Coveney, courtesy of MIT News Office
File size: 2306k
Inventor James McLurkin as a child with one of his favorite toys.

Photo courtesy of James McLurkin
File size: 2594k
Inventor James McLurkin working on electric circuits.

Photo by Philip Greenspun, courtesy of James McLurkin
File size: 2383k
Inventor James McLurkin is helping push the frontiers of robotics by combining ideas from engineering with biology.

Smithsonian photo by Jeff Tinsley
File size: 1692k
Stephanie Kwolek’s work at DuPont in the 1960s led to the development of Kevlar®, a fiber best known for its use in bullet-resistant vests.

Photo by Michael Branscom, courtesy of Lemelson-MIT Program
File size: 6062k

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