Podcast: Norman Winarsky taps into Silicon Valley’s culture of innovation
SRI International began as Stanford Research Institute in 1946 and became a problem-solving pioneer in communications, robotics, personal computing, and more. The leader of SRI’s Ventures, Licensing, and Strategic Programs, Norman Winarsky describes the ingredients of a great venture, and the Valley’s embrace of risk-taking and failure. Winarsky walks us through Siri, the “virtual personal assistant” smart-phone application that enhances human ability.

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A production of the Smithsonian's Lemelson Center. Hosted by Matt Ringelstetter. Written by Matt Ringelstetter and Amanda Murray. Art Molella, executive producer. Amanda Murray, podcast program manager. Joyce Bedi, webmaster. Norman Winarsky was interviewed on May 3, 2010, by Matt Ringelstetter. Podcast released June 17, 2010. Music is “ickmansworth” by Vim from FreeMusicArchive.org